Our Story

In 2017, Kendall was planning a wedding for a close friend and Matt was attending the bachelor trip for the groom. Little did they know their paths would cross as Kendall designed a custom arch concept that Matt would be tasked with constructing.  Matt built a beautiful and sturdy arch complete with a custom coat of stain.  No one could predict that in 2 years, Kendall and Matt would stand under the same arch and say I Do.  

A few short months later and the concept for Loft House Designs was born.  Together they believe in helping couples celebrate their marriage with uniquely curated and stylized pieces that showcase their love story and create a picturesque backdrop to their happily ever after.

Meet Kendall!

The creative brains behind Loft House Designs!  I am the Chief Designer and Creative Director!  I started in Weddings as a Planner in 2017 and still serve couples in that capacity today!  Loft House was the brain child of a late night glass of wine as I scoured the local rental companies for a very specific rental that only seemed to exist in my head!  Rather than give up on my vision, I presented the idea to my husband who promptly took to some graph paper and a shopping list for the hardware store and next thing we knew, Loft House Designs was born!

Outside of Weddings, I am a Dog-Mom to our Labradoodle Paisley and our Retriever Maverick.  In our home, the door is always open for a last minute game night, we are avid college football watchers, and I’m always down for craft cocktail and sushi.

Howdy I’m Matt!

My roles include Director of Operations and Chief of Construction.  I have always enjoyed projects that let me work with my hands.  From the age of 12 when I started work on restoring a 1974 Chevrolet Nova for my first car to the various house projects on Kendall’s Honey-Do list, the garage has felt like a second home and working with wood is second nature.  

After building the arch that started it all, building unique and custom rentals just made sense!